Wednesday, November 5, 2008

VPython GUI

I have the project of building a GUI for VPython and demonstrate its usage as a tool for data structures demonstration. So I am planning to provide buttons which will help the user select the basic VPython shapes.The buttons will allow the user to select, drag and drop the objects on the space provided. There will be a separate space for editing the properties of the shape. As my main purpose is to explore the usage of VPython as a tool for data structure demonstration, I also need to provide certain simple commands which can help a teacher, who knows the pseudo code of any data structure property he wants to demonstrate, to generate the code, without knowing the Python syntax for the same.
Since I need to automatically generate VPython in the background, so it will serve as the backend of the project. For GUI building, I am using PyQt and Qt designer.

I built the bubble-sort program manually. Know its a bit clumsy especially generating labels over labels leaves it a little dirty. A little bigger version can be found at youtube, here. Anyway the main problem is how and what commands should I provide which can help a person to code VPython programs with the help of GUI itself and maybe some extremely simple commands. Hoping to be helped; thanks in advance.


Abhishek Mishra said...

I would suggest you to try Its a community of/for/... devlepors, put up any question there, and 10-15mins is max till you get a response.
By the way i wonder what happened with so suddenly... could I have an invite or is it supposed to be like a private diary?

kroy said...

@ Abhishek

Thanks for the suggestion,.Will surely follow it.And yes, my previous blog had certain personal stuff in it too,so made it private for a few days.