Thursday, April 2, 2009

FOSS spreading its wings

Just when I thought most of IIITians run after acads (mugging stuffs) or after silly gaming one of them gave me the link to his Blog-post about FOSS and I was happy , atleast I'm not the only one here who is crazy about FOSS and Stallman [;)].
Here is the link if you wish to go through it :

So in response I wrote a BIG comment and when I realised I was going overboard I stopped but i can't restrain posting the same comment here [:D]
FOSS is a glorious concept. I had seen people on net for whom FOSS is not only a term , It's a way of life for them those so called geeks. The major problem in India is that the majority of us are easy-going fellas for whom comfort had always mattered more than ethics and we are the witness of the so called behavioural pattern of our society quiet often...isn't it?
The line which differentiate open-source from close-source is not ease of use, comfort ,better products...blah..blah..blahh but it's the 'power to change' , You can play with the source and understand the indepth-working, you can toy with the software customize it according to your will and it gives gratification which is second to none - The true joy of engineering !!
But why will people even bother so much, most of them thinks computer as synonymous to windows(bsod lol). Again I'm not starting bashing MS but competition helps evolution , the greatest example being browser-war. When IE used to dominate we had to bear slow-javascript, loads of windows, a new bug almost weekly and then firefox came and captured a fare share of the market and then people in business get to knew what can be the benefits of browser and later opera,avant,konqueror,chrome followed the legacy and it was beneficial for win users too for they got a better, polished , refined IE.
Ahhh..i see my ranting is making this comment more of an i should keep my pen down here but it's really good that atleast some of the Elite class [:P] people are getting into the skin of FOSS.
PS. Don't just use free s/w but contribute too.
PPS. a joke -> Richard Stallman wrote the compiler God used. The Big Bang was the Universe's first segfault.
Conclusion :
i. Don't just use free s/w but contribute too ( Oophh not again , you must be thinking this guy is a complete jerk [:P] )
ii. Never get sentimental over a post ( Else you will end up throwing your views even in unwanted places )
iii. If you do not understand Stallman's joke don't worry. Try santa-banta jokes. Here it is: (thank gawd you gave me santa-banta link , stallman was all latin for me [:D])

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