Saturday, September 19, 2009


So I decided to help promote & support the OneWebDay cause :) As my office printers were all black and white I decided to have this poster. My cubicle was already adorned with a "Mozilla - 10 years" coloured poster (courstesy l0nwlf) and now I had this brand new OneWebDay poster beside it too. As the poster was pretty dull, I decided to show off a lil creativity and used some pink highlighter on it :P Here's a snap with /me in my fav Firefox T and the OneWebDay poster in my cubicle.

As the Imac, from which I clicked the pic was pretty far, here's a close up of me with the poster in my hand.

P.S. I havent yet figured out how to correct the lateral inversion caused by PhotoBooth :(


msurman said...

This is great. Love the backwards meme.

kr0y said...

Woah! I didnt even know if anyone would actually read this. I did it purely out of fun. Thanks anyways :)

Anonymous said...

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n9986 said...

Re: Lateral Inversion - Open your favorite image editing tool. Flip image horizontally. Voila. :P Or use -flop in command line Imagemagick. Photo booth--