Thursday, January 8, 2009


This might not be dubbed as a technical post but as both the authors are extremely interested in riddles/puzzles/escape room games etc. so we would like to talk about one of the most exciting puzzle game we played Hotelescape. The game is the 4th in the Pick-a-Path series of puzzle games and is significantly different that in this, you are not only supposed to get out of the hotel you are trapped in by remembering the various paths and how each room is linked to the other(s) but also by solving the puzzles for getting entry into each room. Its point&click combined with puzzles and hence, all the more challenging to crack. Presently there is a Windows installer only but sincerely hope that we soon get it for non-Windows as well. We highly recommend this to all the puzzle lovers out there. Also, do check out other games by Mr. Logic, some of which are really appealing. Will deal with them as soon as we are able to spare some time.

P.S. Inspite of our humbleness, we can't help but ask you to check this. ^_^

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