Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vpython GUI -2

Yep, long time!!!

So here goes away the short apology and here comes what the topic says. Well the supposedly *innovative* GUI for VPython which I was trying to work on was not so new afterall. Brad Longo, whom I met through the visualpython mailing list had already worked on something similar. His is more of a text editor, which he calls VPython Design, and is built using PyGtk and VPython (of course!). The VPD is not yet complete and when I got to know about it, I discovered that it accomplished the limited functionalities it provided very well. Also, the text editor proved to be more usable (& feasible) compared to the GUI idea which I was planning to implement. I made certain changes in the original VPD and added some new functionalities (open source :-D ). The rpms maintained on Brad's site dont have the changes I made so if anyone wants to check out my little contribution, I can mail you personally. Oh yeah, and if you are interested in/planning to/might happen to use VPD, just drop a note of thanks/comment to bjlongo@ncsu.edu because he promised to start working on VPD if more and more people become interested in his project.
A few technical roadblocks which I think are absolutely necessary to be mentioned:
  • As VPD uses PyGtk, hence it suffers from the portability problem of PyGtk. So VPD will NOT work on Windows (certain dll files seem to be missing in the PyGtk installation for Windows).
  • The rpm works very smoothly on Fedora Core 7.
  • Do not try it on FC 8.
  • For FC9, there are certain missing files. These files "gtksourceview.so" and "gtkspell.so" need to be pasted in /usr/lib/python-2.5/site-packages/gtk-2.0 folder. (If you need these I'm there for help!).
  • I haven't tried it on any other Linux distro, so if anyone does, kindly enlighten me.
More will be said later. Will come up with information about my semester long internship (ongoing) , Google, Got the Apptitude, prolly some old project of mine and will seek a little help on GSoC. Till then, sayonara!


mattions said...

Hi, the link seems to be dad.

Do you have that example or can you post it somewhere?

I'm really interested to see how it works :)

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It seems the blog has been erased somehow..