Thursday, April 23, 2009

Google Custom Search Engine

I made a few modifications to the layout of the blog, as can be seen. Added a newsreel with FOSS and GSoC related news and decided to add Google Ads hoping that I might make some profit ;)
The modification which I would like to mention here is the Google custom search engine box which is seen on the top of the right column. I designed that custom search engine last night to give better FOSS, GSoC and internship related searches. For the few keywords I checked, it gave better results than the normal Google search.
As the CSE is still extremely new, it needs a lot of improvement. I am planning to add sitemaps, include related sites and further refinements to make the search better. Volunteers are welcome, you can do that by clicking here or by visiting the homepage of the CSE.
So with the hope of getting a few volunteers to improve this search engine and with the promise of refining the results, I urge you all to use it and tell me if it makes your life any easy. Happy searching :-)

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