Friday, April 24, 2009

Time Scheduling :-)

A small reminder to my hopeless self which is an email/twitter/chat/anime addict.
  • Gotta finish my final semester intern before the GSoC coding period (May 23rd) starts.
  • Gotta finish the how-tos and to-dos of the GSoC project before that time.
  • Give atleast 5 hrs a day to intern project and 2 hrs to GSoC (does not include writing blogs about the project)
  • Finally, gotta follow this during the office hours/intern work:

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IdeaMonk said...

Nice one! mujhe life scheduling algo chahiye.

More -

Better pic -

IdeaMonk said...

Source of the last pic -

Single Tasking Philosophy -

kr0y said...

Hehe seems am a lil late to notice the pic ;P

Thanks for the hugeeeeeee info on single tasking but it seems am pretty hopeless at it :D

Anonymous said...

Time-Scheduling never worked for me :(

IdeaMonk said...

I think the word Time-Scheduling belongs to books on time management and heard in talks by presenters on the topic.
Never worked for me either!
I just (try to) follow 1 rule these days, stay away from piling up tasks.