Monday, May 11, 2009

10 Ways of contributing to GNOME

Extremely good guide for people who are looking for a niche to contributing to GNOME or FOSS in general. It wasn't a long time back when I also belonged to the group of FOSS enthusiasts who wanted to get into FOSS development but didn't know how. Now you have a great article, to give you a start. You should read the full article as I am just pasting the 10 points :
  1. GNOME Accessibility Team
  2. GNOME Bugsquad Team
  3. GnomeLove Project
  4. GNOME Documentation Project
  5. GNOME Translation Project
  6. GNOME Usability Project
  7. GNOME Webhackers Team
  8. GNOME System Administration Team
  9. GNOME Art Team
  10. Friends of GNOME

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