Friday, May 28, 2010

QRCode + Location Awareness = Marketing awesomeness!

Took part in an Adobe internal application development competition and working on revolutionizing the Indian shopping industry :D
Thanks to a really nice and innovative idea by Ishan am currently busy exploring the Android SDK these days. Well, the idea is to make use of QRCodes and location-awareness into an android app and web server combo. Using the web server, the shopkeepers can register their shops by creating a profile and get a unique QRCode which will point to a URL which will contain a description of the products sold in the shop. The customers can flash their mobile on the shops's QRCode and can browse through the list of products at their leisure.
The location sensitivity part comes into play as the shopkeepers can use the app to provide the location coordinates of their shop and when someone sends a search query for any item the server will show the result displayed in the order of proximity of the shops based on the customer's location.

Thats pretty much it. Been exploring new technologies and the QRCode Scanner by ZXing is a huge blessing. Wait a little to see how it turns up :)

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