Friday, June 11, 2010

Easy Mobile Shopping (contd.)

So here's an update about the previous post. I succeeded in making the Android app (yay!). Integrated it with ZXing's Barcode Scanner and added the functionality for the shopkeepers to update their shop location and for the customers to do a location-sensitive search.
I cannot post the app as of now, as the server isn't up and running anywhere. So am still looking for a domain and webspace to host the server. Not sure if its really feasible enough but if someone's game for it, don't hesitate to contact. The server was developed by my partner in the competition and its in a very crude stage and would need a lot of rework and styling.
Wasn't able to win the competition but the learning experience was really nice. Also, it made me realise (once again) that Eclipse is one of the awesomest IDEs in existence!

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